Product Lines

Architectural Fluidity

Architectural Lighting Design harmonizes Light with the personality of the building in which it is applied. This style of lighting contributes to the better function and functionality of a space while highlighting its aesthetical and architectural features.


Classic is Timeless

Classic Lighting Design loves luxurious details, elaborate designs, and intense decoration on materials that have traditionally been hand-crafted. It is all about the Classical value that fits and dresses every space in a sophisticated manner.

Contemporary Luxury

Contemporary Lighting Design is incredibly elegant. It consists of clean lines, is often characterized by boldness and it offers a feeling of discreet luxury. With an emphasis on colors and patterns, it renews the mood and adds a cosmopolitan flair to your space.


Illuminating what Matters

The Minimal Lighting Design is for people and spaces of essence and simplicity. Clean lines are recurrent and neutral calming tones dominate. Ideal for those who believe that less is indeed more.

Scandinavian Dynamics

Scandinavian Lighting Design highlights real beauty without distracting or being chatty. Clean lines, usability, natural earthy materials, and a warmth that stems from simplicity are its main characteristics.


Modern Way of Life

Modern Lighting Design says yes to geometric and abstract motifs, to uniqueness, and to natural materials. It often plays with bright and intense colors to emphasize specific surfaces or geometric patterns. For people who are easily bored.