The Lighting Experience

by Ioannides Lighting

When the lights come on it is important to us that you, within your space, illume as well. We want you to experience your personal and work environment differently. We desire to reflect your personality through the most quality, functional, and original lighting systems, ever. This is why, at Ioannides Lighting, we offer a full Lighting Design Study by choosing the right light fixtures for the right spot, usage, and mood. Through our years and projects of experience, expertise, honesty, and hard work, we elevate aesthetically and ergonomically your house and business. And we are proud of every one of our projects, since 2004.

We have established our professional presence by gaining the trust of our customers and collaborators with our professionalism and lighting choices. Our credible team is flexibly present at all the lighting installation stages. We design, get inspired, and implement efficient yet aesthetically superior lighting systems that are durable and stand out. We take pride in the interpersonal relationships we build with you. Every one of our Lighting propositions is unique, innovative, and eco-friendly, adding high performances and finesse to your space and vision.

Bringing balance and comfort to your personal or work environment is our main goal. The Design Lighting we offer takes into consideration the lighting adequacy, the dominating colors, and materials or shapes while it adds contrast and drama to every surface and detail. At Ioannides Lighting, every Lighting solution illumes your moments in a spectacular, clever, personalised way.

Our Philosophy/Our Approach

before and after every project

The artificial Light, its positioning, design, and material awakens, inspires, and carries through emotion; that is the fresh way we work with and use Light. At Ioannides Lighting we have a deep knowledge of Lighting Technology, which we update constantly. We trade in some of the biggest Lighting Design Brands out there while offering an impressive array of Lighting Solutions -lamps, chandeliers, pendants, ceiling and wall lights, bulb fixtures, indoor and outdoor lighting system… take your pick! If you decide to enter our luminous “house”, you know you will get all the latest in the Lighting Design Industry; solutions that are high-tech, lighting products that combine high performance, energy saving, and of course, elegance.

Light is our Passion! We converse with you, we create custom lighting plans based on your blueprints, we meet your architect and engineers and we even offer an on-site consultation and supervision. We work closely with your team. And our professional engagement doesn’t stop with the fulfillment of your project. You are having our full support when the lights come on and long after that…